Command Format for Invoking Hot Copy

To create a copy of the current state of a running database, invoke the hotcopy command.

The hotcopy command is issued using NuoDB Command (nuocmd). For more information on NuoDB Command and other command line tools, see Command Line Tools.

For a given database, one hot copy operation at a time is allowed. The format is as follows:

nuocmd hotcopy database
    --db-name <database name>
    --type {simple|full|incremental|journal}
    [--backup-dirs <archive ID backup location archiveID backup location ... >]
    [--default-backup-dir <backup location>]
    [--max-rate <max I/O rate in MB/sec>]
    [--timeout <timeout time in seconds>]
Option Description


Required. Specify the name of the database on which to perform the hot copy.


Required. The type of hotcopy to perform. Must be either simple,full,incremental or journal.


Required unless --default-backup-dir is supplied. A space separated list of '<Archive ID> <Backup Path>' pairs specifying the backup location for each archive.


Required unless --backup-dirs are supplied. Backup any archives that do not have a backup location specified in --backup-dirs to this location.


Optional. If a path is provided, this signifies that the backup location specified by --default-backup-dir is on shared storage exposed to multiple SMs. If a path is provided, the directory specified by --default-backup-dir must exist and each archive will backup to a subdirectory inside that directory corresponding to the archive ID of the archive.


Optional. If specified, the maximum I/O rate in MB/second (per SM.) If the hot copy tries to go faster than this, it will be throttled to slow it down. This can minimize interference of hot copy with other I/O.


Optional. The number of seconds to wait for hot copy to complete before returning. If a value is not provided, the request is issued asynchronously and immediately returns. If the command returns before hot copy finishes, the status of the hotcopy can be checked using NuoDB Command’s hotcopy-status command.

A hot copy backup created with the --type simple argument will produce an archive at the backup location. All other hot copy types produce a backup set at the backup location.