Uninstalling NuoDB on Windows

The process for uninstalling NuoDB differs depending on which package (EXE or ZIP) was used to install NuoDB.

Uninstalling a NuoDB EXE Package

You can use the Uninstall a program facility of Windows to uninstall NuoDB:

  1. Start the Windows Control Panel

  2. Under the Programs section choose Uninstall a program

  3. Locate NuoDB in the list of software and right-click on it

  4. Choose Uninstall to start the uninstall wizard

Alternatively you may start the uninstall wizard from the command line by running %NUODB_HOME%\uninstall.exe :


The wizard will ask if you want to delete or preserve the configuration and log files:

winuninstall configuration

You can request that the uninstaller proceed silently without asking any questions. Command line parameters available for uninstall.exe are:

Parameter Description


Preserve the configuration and log directory (this is the default).


Delete the configuration and log directory during uninstallation.


Run the uninstaller silently. No graphical wizard will be started and no questions will be asked. This parameter is case-sensitive (must be uppercase).

Uninstalling a NuoDB ZIP Package

To uninstall a NuoDB ZIP package first ensure that all NuoDB processes are stopped. Then, uninstall the NuoDB Admin Process (AP) service:

%NUODB_HOME%\etc\nuoadmin.bat stop
%NUODB_HOME%\etc\nuoadmin.bat uninstall

Then the installation directory can be removed:

rmdir /S /Q %NUODB_HOME%
The default location for configuration and log files is within the installation directory for ZIP packages. The above rmdir operation will also delete these files.