Introduction to NuoDB

NuoDB delivers consistent, resilient distributed SQL for your mission critical applications, so you can deploy on premises, in public or private clouds, in hybrid environments, or across clouds.

NuoDB is the distributed SQL database designed to meet the rapidly evolving demands of today’s enterprises, scale on demand, eliminate downtime and reduce total cost of ownership. All while maintaining SQL compatibility.

To learn more about NuoDB, the distributed SQL database designed for today’s modern deployment environments such cloud-native and container-based environments, see our Product Overview page on our website.

NuoDB Product Editions

NuoDB is available in two editions:

  • Community Edition

  • Enterprise Edition

The NuoDB database default behavior includes the Community Edition. To upgrade the Community Edition to an Enterprise Edition, an Enterprise Edition license file is required. For more information, see Obtaining and Installing an Enterprise Edition License.

The Community Edition

A free version of the NuoDB distributed SQL database, limited to three Transaction Engines (TEs) and one Storage Manager (SM). Available "in the cloud" with Kubernetes, on your desktop or laptop using Docker, or on Linux bare-metal or Virtual Machines. To get started, visit the Quick Start Guides section.

The Enterprise Edition

Built to service mission critical SQL applications in the deployment environment of your choice, the NuoDB Enterprise Edition provides on-demand scalability, continuous availability, and transactional consistency. The Enterprise Edition is ideal for enterprise commercial database implementations with complex and rapid growth requirements. The Enterprise Edition supports an unlimited number of TEs and SMs database processes.

  • Build new or transition existing mission-critical SQL applications

  • Deploy active-active or active passive configurations

  • Deploy on premises, in private and public clouds, in hybrid environments, and across multiple clouds

  • Deploy modern architectures that enable compliance with evolving regulations for deployment across multiple clouds

  • With built-in redundancy, SQL application always remain available

    • Perform rolling upgrades

    • Withstand potential failure events at all levels — of a process/container, a host, or a data center

Identifying Which Edition You Are Using

To identify which NuoDB edition you are using, start the NuoDB Command (nuocmd) command line tool and run the show domain command. For example:

nuocmd show domain
server version:, server license: Enterprise
server time: 2019-03-08T09:29:23.366, client token: 334051cc95c8087330b4f7630a9994ce8ea0a636
  [nuoadmin-1] nuoadmin-1:48005 (LEADER, Leader=nuoadmin-1) ACTIVE:Connected *
  test [RUNNING]
    [SM] test-sm-1-1/ [start_id = 0] [server = nuoadmin-1] MONITORED:RUNNING
    [TE] test-te-1-1/ [start_id = 1] [server = nuoadmin-1] MONITORED:RUNNING
The show domain command is issued using NuoDB Command (nuocmd). For more information on NuoDB Command and other command line tools, see Command Line Tools.

Using NuoDB Admin for Domain and Database Management

NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) is NuoDB’s domain and database management tier as of release 4.0. NuoDB Admin provides the following benefits:

  • Simplification of operational tasks when running NuoDB Command (nuocmd) which supports command line completion and provides online help for commands and options.

  • Improved database availability and reliability in the event of common network delay and failure scenarios.

  • Improved domain and database health and root cause information to help diagnose error conditions and restore operations quickly.

  • In containerized management environments, such as Kubernetes, process error detection and self-healing is automatic resulting in zero downtime.

When using NuoDB Admin, use the NuoDB Command nuocmd command line interface to control, monitor, and analyze a NuoDB domain. For information on using NuoDB Command and other NuoDB utilities, see Command Line Tools.