JVM Options (jvm-options)

The JVM options used when starting a NuoDB Admin Process (AP) are configurable. To accomplish this, edit the option values in the jvm-options file which is found in the following location:

  • In package installations (rpm and deb) the jvm-options file is in the /etc/nuodb directory.

  • In tar installations, you must manually copy the $NUODB_HOME/etc/jvm-options.sample file to $NUODB_CFGDIR/jvm-options which defaults to `$NUODB_HOME/var/etc/jvm-options if NUODB_CFGDIR is not set. For more information, see Environment Variables.

To view current JVM options, refer to the jvm-options file located in your NuoDB installation.

If an AP is running when changes are made to the jvm-options file, then the AP must be restarted for those changes to take effect.