Command Line Tools

NuoDB provides the following command line tools for use in physical deployments of NuoDB that are managed by NuoDB Admin:

  • NuoDB Archive — validates a database, purges unneeded database artifacts and can create a database archive that restores data to a specified snapshot

  • NuoDB Command — enables you to monitor, analyze and control a NuoDB domain (where NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) is the domain and database management interface)

  • NuoDB Loader — imports and exports data to and from a NuoDB database

  • NuoDB Migrator — helps you migrate schemas and existing data to NuoDB database

  • NuoDB SQL — lets you explore a NuoDB database and execute SQL statements

To obtain the NuoDB Migrator data migration tool, contact NuoDB Support and ask for instructions on how to download the NuoDB Client package.