Privileges of the Database Administrator

When you created a NuoDB database, you specified a database administrator username and password (see Creating a Database). This database administrator user is the superuser of the database and is granted the ADMINISTRATOR role and DBA role by default.

  • The ADMINISTRATOR role grants the privilege to modify system property values using the SET statement.
    Only the users granted the ADMINISTRATOR role can create functions and stored procedures, create and drop users, and modify the system property values.

  • The DBA role grants the privilege to create functions and stored procedures but not to modify system property values.

Other users can create roles, select from system tables, create database objects and grant privileges on those database objects to other users. To create functions and stored procedures, they must have the DBA role. The DBA role is granted to them using the GRANT statement.

  • A user with the ADMINISTRATOR role must not be used as an application user.

  • If the database administrator password is lost and there is no other user with the ADMINISTRATOR role privileges or the ability to change the database administrator user’s password, please contact NuoDB Support for a utility to regain the database administrator access to the database. Alternatively, give specific privileges to another user to execute the ALTER USER command on the DBA user using GRANT ALTER ON USER <dba user> to <another user>.