NuoDB Admin Event Log

Each Admin Process (AP) maintains an event log which includes messages for domain state changes. The logged events are relevant for the local AP and include its server ID in the event message.

Some of the most common events are:

  • Raft server lifecycle changes

  • Raft commands committed in the local state machine

  • Connection information for APs and domain processes detected by the liveness service

  • Domain processes lifecycle changes

The log is written to $NUODB_LOGDIR/nuoadmin_event.log, which is /var/log/nuodb/nuoadmin_event.log by default on Linux. See Environment Variables for more information on log file locations.

Each event is logged on a new line containing the below attributes.

  1. Timestamp.

  2. NuoDB Admin server ID.

  3. Java class name.

  4. Message.

2021-03-17T13:33:14.790+0000 nuoadmin1 PingServer peer=nuoadmin2 addr=nuoadmin2:48005 ipAddress= Connected
---------------------------- --------- ---------- -------------------------------------------------------------------
              a                  b         c                                     d

The domain administrator can easily merge the event log files from all APs in the domain to get a global overview of the state changes and underlying operations that have been performed for a specific period.