NuoDB processes communicate constantly. For the system to work:app-name:

  • All APs much be able to communicate with each other.

  • All APs must be able to communicate with the TEs and SMs that they are responsible for.

  • Every TE and SM must be fully peered with every other TE and SM.

Port Usage

NuoDB processes use the following portS.

Port Usage
Figure 1. Port Usage
Admin Processes
  • 48004 - Clients, TEs and SMs use this port to talk to an AP.

  • 48005 - This port is used by APs amongst themselves only.

  • 8888 - The REST API used by nuocmd listens on this port. It may use HTTP (default) or HTTPS (if TLS keys are defined).

  • 48006 - The default port for communications with a TE or SM. The APs, TEs and SMs all use this port to talk to a given TE or SM.

  • 48007 - If a second TE or SM runs on the same host, then 48007 is used (because 48006 is already taken).

  • 48008+ - Ports above 48007 are used for each subsequent TE or SM on the same host.

Note that under Kubernetes, each AP, TE and SM runs in is own pod (a Linux namespace, a bit like a mini, virtual host), so ports 48007 and above are never needed.