Resetting the NuoDB Domain State

The NuoDB domain state keeps track of the current state of NuoDB Admin servers and databases under the management of NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin). There may be times that it is desirable to reset the domain state. To fully reset the domain state, delete the raftlog file on all hosts in the domain as follows:

1. Stop the NuoDB Admin process (AP) on each host.

The NuoDB Admin Process must be stopped before deleting the raflog; otherwise it will be recreated.

To stop NuoDB Admin on a host where the NuoDB RPM package was used to install NuoDB, use:

$ sudo systemctl nuoadmin stop

If you prefer to use SysV init commands you can run sudo service stop nuoadmin instead.

To stop NuoDB Admin on a host where the NuoDB TAR package is installed, use:

$ $NUODB_HOME/etc/nuoadmin stop

2. Delete the NuoDB Admin raftlog file from each host that was running an AP.

$ sudo rm -f $NUODB_VARDIR/raftlog

It is not necessary to use sudo if you have permissions (e.g., when using a NuoDB TAR package).