Default Ports (NuoDB Admin)

The default ports used by NuoDB in physical and VMware deployments managed by NuoDB Admin are:



Configuration Property


The port allowing domain administration via the REST API.
Used by the nuocmd command-line tool.

rest.port in nuoadmin.conf


The port used by SQL clients to obtain database connections and by database processes to communicate with NuoDB Admin proceses.

agentPort in nuoadmin.conf


The port used by NuoDB Admin Processes (APs) to communicate with each other.

adminPort in nuoadmin.conf

48006 and above

Storage Manager (SM) and Transaction Engine (TE) ports.
The port range is scanned starting from the specified value until an available port is found.
An upper bound can be specified by using the form <lower bound>,<upper bound>.

portRange in nuoadmin.conf

For more information host configuration, see Host Properties (nuoadmin.conf).