Confirming Domain and Database Status

The nuocmd show domain command output displays the current status and health of the domain’s Admin Services, databases, and database engine processes under management.

nuocmd show domain
server version: 6.0-1-fc6a857de9, server license: Enterprise
server time: 2023-09-15T06:01:46.171000, client token: 12a7333b94cfc164bea16a16f21ffc5c6408b2a2
 [nuoadmin-0] host1:48005 (LEADER, Leader=nuoadmin-0) ACTIVE:Connected *
 hockey [RUNNING]
  [SM] host1:48006 (Default) [sid = 0] [server = nuoadmin-0] MONITORED:RUNNING
  [TE] host1:48007 (Default) [sid = 1] [server = nuoadmin-0] MONITORED:RUNNING

For a explanation for each admin, database, and archive process state, see Database Management - A Working Example.

The show domain command is issued using NuoDB Command (nuocmd). For helpful examples on how to use the show domain command, see Displaying Domain, Database, and Archive Status. For more information on NuoDB Command and other command line tools, see Command Line Tools.