Steps for Migrating Data to NuoDB

The NuoDB Migrator allows you migrate from a source (NuoDB or 3rd party) database to a target NuoDB database. This documentation includes specific JDBC driver specifications and examples for each source database that the NuoDB Migration tool supports. Regardless of the source database that is being migrated, the steps for migrating a source database to a target NuoDB database are the same.

Install the JDBC Driver for the source (NuoDB or 3rd party) database

NuoDB Migrator communicates with both NuoDB and 3rd party databases via JDBC. A JDBC driver is required for both the source and target database connections. You will find information about each supported JDBC driver, its class name and its standard JDBC URL format on each of the source database example pages:

Installing the JDBC driver jar file can be done by one of two options:

  • Define the JDBC driver jar file on the Java CLASSPATH

  • Copy the JDBC driver jar file to the NuoDB Migrator tool jar directory

Depending on how the NuoDB Migrator tool was installed, the JDBC driver should be copied to one of the following locations:

Migrator Installation Type Jar File Destination

NuoDB Product Installation


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