NuoDB Flyway Driver


The NuoDB Flyway driver enables Flyway to generate NuoDB compatible SQL. It provides similar functionality to the Hibernate dialect and is far simpler.


Two versions are available:

  • NuoDB Flyway 1.0.6 JAR, compatible with Flyway 9 and JDK 8.

  • NuoDB Flyway 1.0.8 JAR, compatible with Flyway 10 and JDK 17 (Flyway 10 requires Java 17 as a minimum).


The NuoDB Flyway JAR is available by submitting a request to NuoDB Support. Add this JAR to your Maven, Gradle, or other build.


To use the plugin, specify NuoDB URL, username, and password. The Flyway user may need additional permissions to create schemas, stored procedures, functions and triggers, so a dedicated user is recommended.

Example flyway.conf:


Maven Dependencies

To use with a Maven build, update your dependencies to include NuoDB Flyway JAR and the NuoDB JDBC JAR.

Example pom.xml:

      <!-- -->

      <!-- NuoDB Flyway plugin - assuming you have added it to your Maven repo -->

      <!-- JDBC drivers -->