Quick Start Guides

These quick start guides cover how to run a NuoDB database in a variety of environments, and use the NuoDB Community Edition (CE) to provide an introduction to NuoDB. The Community Edition is free of charge and allows users to evaluate NuoDB at their own pace.

The NuoDB Community Edition (CE) is a full featured version of NuoDB with the following limitations:

  1. One Storage Manager (SM)

  2. One to three Transaction Engines (TEs)

The SM manages all database read and write operations to the database on disk, while the TE connects an application to the database and processes application SQL statements.

To perform a rolling upgrade two or more SM processes are required. This feature is available in the NuoDB Enterprise Edition (EE).

NuoDB recommends using Docker or Kubernetes for an optimal user experience. A bare-metal installation on Linux physical or virtual machines is also available if you prefer.

Follow the relevant Quick Start Guide for your preferred environment: