Using MySQL mysqldump Utility

mysqldump is a MySQL utility that reproduces table structure and data from a MySQL database. For more information, see Output from mysqldump can be used to create a NuoDB database. Because there are some table structure and data definition conflicts between MySQL and NuoDB, it is recommended that the following mysqldump optional syntax is used to improve compatibility with NuoDB. The cumulative effect of all those options is to remove as many MySQL-isms from the mysqldump output as possible. However, getting pure, compatible output is still not guaranteed for all possible situations.

Option Description


Produces a more compact output; enables --skip-add-locks and --skip-set-charset


Changes the syntax and behavior to align more closely with the SQL standard
Requires MySQL server version 4.1.0 or higher; ignored by older servers.


Does not dump LOCK TABLES and UNLOCK TABLES statements


Suppresses SET NAMES statements