Environment Variables

The locations used by the NuoDB Admin Process (AP) and Storage Manager (SM) and Transaction Engine (TE) processes for installation, configuration, logging, and other files can be controlled by setting environment variables. Be aware that these variables must be set before the NuoDB AP is started in order for them to have any effect.

The NuoDB Command (nuocmd) program also recognizes these environment variables, as well as a number of others.

NuoDB programs will determine a default value for the NUODB_HOME environment variable based on the location of the program. For example, if you invoke /local/packages/nuodb/bin/nuocmd then the NUODB_HOME environment variable will default to /local/packages/nuodb, if not otherwise set. This is true for all types of installation packages.

The following table provides information about NuoDB environment variables and their default values.

Variable Linux RPM Linux TAR
Windows ZIP
Windows EXE Content Description




%PROGRAM_FILES%\NuoDB (C:\Program Files\NuoDB)

Root directory for the NuoDB installation.




%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\NuoDB\etc (C:\ProgramData\NuoDB\etc)

Persistent configuration information such as security keys and configuration files.




%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\NuoDB\var (C:\ProgramData\NuoDB\var)

Persistent data files such as sample archive directories.




%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\NuoDB\run (C:\ProgramData\NuoDB\run)

Non-persistent information such as process ID files.





NuoDB log files.




%NUODB_LOGDIR%\crash (C:\ProgramData\NuoDB\crash)

Crash reports for NuoDB system processes (not user-invoked processes such as nuosql).