NuoDB JDBC Driver

JDBC is the Java API defining API calls to SQL compliant databases. The NuoDB driver is a JDBC type 4 driver (also known as a Direct to Database, Pure Java Driver) that converts JDBC calls directly into a vendor-specific database protocol.

This documentation is not meant to be a full Reference or Programming manual for JDBC.

It is just meant to help you get started with JDBC and NuoDB.

The NuoDB JDBC driver has always included backwards and forwards compatibility with every version of NuoDB. For example, you can use the JDBC driver for NuoDB 1.0 with the latest version of NuoDB or you can use the current JDBC driver with NuoDB 1.0.


Java 11 or 17. Both Oracle and OpenJDK are supported.

The JDBC driver is based on JDBC 4.0.


For NuoDB JDBC driver version 21.x.x and later, install the following libraries.

Library Version Description



This provides APIs for logging messages from Java applications.

apache httpclient


This is an open-source library for making HTTP requests and handling HTTP responses in Java applications.


The JDBC jar is published via Sonatype to Maven Central so that you can declare a dependency in your Gradle, Ivy or Maven build files.

<!-- Maven POM -->

/* Gradle Build */
compile group: 'com.nuodb.jdbc', name: 'nuodb-jdbc', version: '24.1.0'

<!-- Ivy XML -->
<dependency org="com.nuodb.jdbc" name="nuodb-jdbc" rev="24.1.0"/>

The version number is subject to change. For up-to-date details, search for nuodb-jdbc at Sonatype:

  • The JDBC driver JAR has a version number and release cycle independent of the NuoDB version.

  • For increased SQL performance in higher network latency environments or if a connection runs thousands or millions of short-running SQL statements, use NuoDB 6.0 or later with JDBC driver 24.1.0 or later.

  • For the Maven URL required to download the JDBC JAR file, see NuoDB Drivers Available at Other Public Sites.