Example of Hotcopy Success

The following example shows a message for a successfully completed hotcopy operation:

nuocmd get hotcopy-status --coordinator-start-id 2 --hotcopy-id 3cf3c4f9-e5ce-4bdd-b03d-d0595a19f18b
HotCopyResponse(begin_timestamp=2022-04-18 10:27:05, coordinator_start_id=2, end_timestamp=2022-04-18 10:28:39, id=3cf3c4f9-e5ce-4bdd-b03d-d0595a19f18b, message=Hot copy successfully completed, status=completed)

Another way to determine whether a hotcopy operation successfully completed is to check the hot copy destination directory that was specified when the hotcopy command was invoked.

simple hot copy
  • The destination directory is initially created with the suffix .incomplete.

  • Once the simple hot copy has finished the suffix is removed.


    nuocmd hotcopy database --type simple --db-name testdb --backup-dirs 0 /volumes/backup/backup1
    • While the backup is running you will see /volumes/backup/backup1.incomplete.

full, incremental or journal hot copy
  • While the hotcopy is running the directory it is creating will be in the tmp subdirectory of the backup set directory.

  • Once the hot copy finishes, that directory is moved up into the backup set and the tmp subdirectory should be empty.


    nuocmd hotcopy database --type full --db-name testdb --backup-dirs 0 /volumes/backup/backup1
    • While the backup is running you will see /volumes/backup/backup1/tmp/full.

    • Once it completes, you will see /volumes/backup/backup1/full.