Example of Hotcopy Success

The following example shows a message for a successfully completed hotcopy operation:

nuocmd get hotcopy-status --coordinator-start-id 2 --hotcopy-id 3cf3c4f9-e5ce-4bdd-b03d-d0595a19f18b
HotCopyResponse(begin_timestamp=2019-06-18 10:27:05, coordinator_start_id=2, end_timestamp=2019-06-18 10:28:39, id=3cf3c4f9-e5ce-4bdd-b03d-d0595a19f18b, message=Hot copy successfully completed, status=completed)

Another way to determine whether a hotcopy operation successfully completed is to look for the archive destination directory that was specified when the hotcopy command was invoked. If the directory exists then the hotcopy operation successfully completed.