Monitoring Hot Copy Execution

A Storage Manager (SM) that is executing a hotcopy does so in addition to its usual operations. That is, a hotcopy operation does not block other SM operations.

You should not notice any performance degradation during a hot copy operation. However you can reduce the load on the SM by using the --max-rate option.

The time it takes to perform a hotcopy depends on how much information is being copied. It can take a while for a very large database (full backup) or if there are large number of changes (incremental or journal backup). The default behavior is that nuocmd does not wait for a hot copy operation to complete and returns immediately. To invoke hotcopy so that it does not return immediately, specify a value for the --timeout option when you invoke hotcopy database. It will not return until the hot copy finishes or the timeout expires, whichever occurs first.

To monitor the progress of a hotcopy operation, invoke the nuocmd get hotcopy-status command. The output indicates whether a given hot copy operation is in progress, was successfully completed, or terminated with an error.

More information is available using hot copy logging. This section also covers hot copy error messages.