HELP — displays all of the SQL commands that are available in NuoDB. Will also display a detailed description of a specific SQL command.

This features is supported only in NuoDB SQL.


HELP [ command ]


The HELP command is used to display all of the SQL commands available in NuoDB. It displays a list of all SQL commands, alphabetically, along with a brief description of each command. All of these SQL commands can be found here: SQL Statements. The HELP command is only available in nuosql. The HELP command is case insensitive.



This will display a more detailed description of that SQL command. The command must be a valid SQL command that NuoDB supports. The command must be entered exactly as it appears in the output display list from the HELP command issued without arguments. This parameter is case insensitive.


Example 1: Display a list of all SQL commands supported
   ALTER PROCEDURE  ALTER PROCEDURE changes a stored procedure.
   ALTER SEQUENCE   ALTER SEQUENCE changes the starting value of an existing sequence.
   ALTER TABLE      Change definition of a table
Example 2: Display a detailed description of a SQL command
HELP commit

      COMMIT [ WORK ]
      COMMIT commits the current transaction. All changes made by the transaction
      become visible to others and are guaranteed to be durable if an unexpected
      interruption in service occurs. Use ROLLBACK to stop and undo a transaction.
      You can rollback to a savepoint, but you cannot commit a savepoint. A
      COMMIT implicitly releases all named savepoints. Type HELP SAVEPOINT for
      more information.