Linux Bare Metal / VM

Quick Start Guide

NuoDB supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and Ubuntu Linux distributions. For specific version support details, please see System Requirements.

These Quick Start Guides cover "bare metal" and virtual machine installs of the NuoDB Community Edition (CE) DEB, RPM, and TAR package downloads. That is, installation on a Linux physical host or VMware / VirtualBox / Parallels type virtual machine (VM) other than Docker or Kubernetes, for which separate install images and Quick Start Guides are available.

Use the TAR package download if you do not have permissions to create system directories or run systemctl or service commands on the system you plan to install it on. The TAR package can be installed into and run from any directory.


  • At least 1 GB of memory and 8 GB of disk space available is recommended.

This is sufficient to run the Quick Start sample commands and install the provided sample database. If you plan to start additional Transaction Engines (TEs) or import a larger database, you will need to increase available system resources accordingly.
  • Java 8 or Java 11 is required.

  • Linux Transparent hugepages (THP) must be disabled. THP is enabled by default on Red Hat / CentOS. To disable, follow the instructions provided in your Linux OS documentation, or see Disabling Transparent Huge Pages.


The following terms are used in this section:

  • Domain - A set of hosts (server machines) on which Admin Processes (APs) and NuoDB databases reside. For more information, see Domain Administration.

  • Admin Process - A process for managing configuration, database processes and client connections. For more information, see see Admin Process.

  • Archive - The physical database stored on disk.

  • Database - a set of TEs and SMs working together to provide SQL access to the data in the archive.

  • Storage Manager (SM) - Manages the reading and writing of data from and to the archive. It implements the "D" in the term ACID transactions, "D"uribility.

  • Transaction Engine (TE) - Parses and runs all SQL commands for clients. Implements the "ACI" in the term ACID transactions, "A"tomicity, "C"onsistency and "I"solation.

  • nuosql - NuoDB command line tool for connecting to the database and running SQL commands. For more information, see NuoDB SQL.

Download NuoDB

Customers can download NuoDB using their login credentials from the password protected NuoDB customer download portal. If you are a customer and do not have your NuoDB download login credentials, please contact NuoDB Support at


Once you have downloaded your NuoDB installation package, continue to the relevant page:

The only differences between these two Quick Start sections are subtle differences in pathnames and the command to start the NuoDB Admin Process (AP), nuoadmin.