Upgrade the Database Software

There are two ways to upgrade your NuoDB database software. The following table provides a brief description of each upgrade method.

Upgrade Method


Upgrading with databases down

Shut down all databases in the domain, install the latest NuoDB software release on each host, then restart the databases. To upgrade using this method, see Upgrade with Databases Down.

Rolling upgrade

Install the latest NuoDB software release and restart processes on one host at a time, allowing databases to remain available throughout the upgrade procedure. To upgrade using this method, see Rolling Upgrade: Databases Remain Available.

Upgrade Considerations

When deciding which upgrade method to use, consider the following:

  • If all Storage Managers (SMs) in any Storage Group in your database run on the same host it is not possible to perform a rolling upgrade. You must follow the instructions for Upgrade with Databases Down.

  • If your database contains at least two SMs running on different hosts, you may use either method of upgrade.

If your database has only one Transaction Engine (TE) or if it has a Storage Group that is served by only one SM, then your database will be unavailable while you upgrade the host running those processes.