Domain Operations

NuoDB’s architecture includes a management tier including NuoDB Admin Processes (APs) which are referred to as peers. There is always exactly one peer on each machine on which NuoDB is installed. This collection of hosts makes up a NuoDB domain.

A domain is a management boundary. It defines the resources available to run databases and the set of users with permission to manage those resources.

A system administrator views a domain as a single, logical point of management. Each peer provides a place to connect to the domain, manage and monitor databases, and ensure that NuoDB is running as expected.

Domain Operations includes:

  • Provisioning a set of hosts where NuoDB runs. These hosts could be in cloud environments such as AWS EC2 and/or on machines in a data center.

  • Installing NuoDB on the provisioned hosts, see Installing NuoDB.

  • Configuring APs to form a peer network of the hosts where NuoDB is installed.

  • Starting and stopping of APs

  • Monitoring Domain Operations

  • Performing Health checks on domain and database status

  • Resetting domain state if required