Deprecated Features

Deprecated features are those which exist in the product but will be removed in a future release. If applicable, customers are advised to replace their use of deprecated features with currently recommended and supported features as quickly as possible.

For details of features removed from this release, see End Of Life Features.

Deprecated Features in NuoDB 4.2

Scalar Execution Engine (SEE)

The Scalar Execution Engine (SEE) has been deprecated. The new default SQL execution engine is the Vectorized Execution Engine (VEE) which was introduced as a new feature in NuoDB 4.1. For documentation about VEE and how to use VEE, see section Vectorized Execution Engine.

Vectorized Execution Engine (VEE) support for ENUMERATION (ENUM) data type

If your database uses the ENUM data type, replace the ENUM table column with a string data type column and use a check constraint. For example,

create table t (e enum('a', 'b', 'c'));

To replace the ENUM, execute the following command before upgrading to a future version that does not support ENUMs.

alter table t change column e string check (e in ('a', 'b', 'c'));

Remote, Region, and Local non-safe commit protocols

With the introduction of the Asynchronous SM feature in this release which provides operational and disaster recovery protection when deploying NuoDB across remote regions, the remote, region, and local non-safe commit protocols have been deprecated. NuoDB strongly recommends that all use of these commit protocols are reverted to using the default commit protocol safe.