Using a ZIP File to Install NuoDB on Windows

You may unzip the downloaded NuoDB ZIP package file in any location. Multiple different ZIP packages can be unzipped on the same system, allowing different versions of NuoDB to be installed simultaneously. Only one instance of the NuoDB Admin Process (AP) can be running at the same time, unless the default ports are changed.

Data, configuration, and log files are kept in the var subdirectory of the installation location.

After extracting the contents of the ZIP file, the etc\nuoadmin.bat script is used for install/uninstall, configuration, and start/stop of NuoDB Admin.

ZIP services are configured with manual start-up modes so they will not start automatically when the system starts.

Installing NuoDB

To install the NuoDB service, use the install command:

etc\nuoadmin.bat install
--- Installing NuoDB 4.2-1
Installed service NuoDBAdmin-4.2-1

Each service is installed with a unique name that includes the current NuoDB version number, as shown above. This enables packages from multiple ZIP files to be deployed simultaneously without interfering with each other. This also allows an EXE package to be installed alongside one or more ZIP packages. For example, the NuoDB Admin service installed using by the EXE package will be named NuoDBAdmin while the NuoDB Admin service installed using the nuoadmin.bat command extracted from will have the name NuoDBAdmin-4.2-1.

Uninstalling NuoDB

You must uninstall the NuoDB service before deleting the source directory. To uninstall the NuoDB service, use the uninstall command:

etc\nuoadmin.bat uninstall
--- Uninstalling NuoDB 4.2-1

After this is complete you can delete the installation directory at your leisure.

Unlike the EXE package, the ZIP package stores all configuration within the package directory: if you want to preserve it make a copy before deleting the directory.

Starting the NuoDB Admin Service

To start the service, use the start command. Before the NuoDB AP can be started you must configure (or disable) TLS support, see Managing TLS Security

etc\nuoadmin.bat start
--- Starting service NuoDBAdmin-4.2-1

SERVICE_NAME: NuoDBAdmin-4.2-1
Waiting for service to be ready
Service is ready

Checking the NuoDB Admin Service Status

To check the status of the service, use the status command:

etc\nuoadmin.bat status
--- Status of service NuoDBAdmin-4.2-1:

SERVICE_NAME: NuoDBAdmin-4.2-1
        TYPE               : 10  WIN32_OWN_PROCESS
        STATE              : 4  RUNNING
                                (STOPPABLE, NOT_PAUSABLE, IGNORES_SHUTDOWN)
        WIN32_EXIT_CODE    : 0  (0x0)
        SERVICE_EXIT_CODE  : 0  (0x0)
        CHECKPOINT         : 0x0
        WAIT_HINT          : 0x0
        PID                : 9024
        FLAGS              :

Stopping the NuoDB Admin Service

To stop the service, us the stop command:

etc\nuoadmin.bat stop
--- Stopping service NuoDBAdmin-4.2-1

SERVICE_NAME: NuoDBAdmin-4.2-1
Waiting for service to stop
Service has stopped