Installing NuoDB on Windows

NuoDB supports using the Windows platform for application development and testing purposes only. Production deployments are supported only on Linux systems.

Customers can download the NuoDB Windows installation package using their login credentials from the password protected NuoDB customer download portal. If you are a customer and do not have your NuoDB download login credentials, please contact NuoDB Support at

To enable Enterprise Edition functionality on Linux (which supports an unlimited number of hosts, TE, and SM database processes), contact NuoDB sales for the license required to upgrade from the Community Edition (which is limited to 3 TEs and 1 SM).

Windows Requirements

NuoDB on Windows requires the following:

Windows Packages

NuoDB can be installed on Windows using either an EXE package or a ZIP package. The Windows EXE installer provides a traditional Windows installation wizard and the package will be available through the Windows software management facilities. The ZIP file can be unpacked anywhere on the system, and is managed using a batch file.

Only one EXE package can be installed on the system at a time. Multiple ZIP files can be installed simultaneously.