Hibernate Release Notes

  • When an application updates the same entity in a database, and the entity is versioned, the application reports, "BatchUpdateException: update conflict in table" instead of "ObjectOptimisticLockingFailureException:". (13810)
    The issue has been resolved.

  • A SQL query with an UPDATE clause could report, "multi-column value only allowed in comparison operators".
    The issue has been resolved.

  • Supports Hibernate 6.1 and JPA 3.1.

  • Hibernate 6 requires Java 11, but Spring 6 and Spring Boot 3 require Java 17.

  • Fixes for UPDATE SKIP LOCKED and a few function definitions.

  • Adds uuid() function.

  • Refactored, commented and tidied NuoDBDialect class.

  • Supports Hibernate 5.4 and JPA 2.1, Hibernate 5.6 and JPA 2.2.

  • Adds support for NuoDB database query hints and FOR UPDATE SKIP LOCKED and FOR UPDATE NOWAIT.

  • Adds isValidJson() and jsonUnquote(), listagg() and rownum() functions.

  • Adds era(), quarter(), dayofweek(), dayofyear(), weekofmonth(), weekofyear() functions.

  • Supports Hibernate 5.4.

  • Enables mapping of String data-members to NuoDB’s STRING column type.

  • Removes direct dependency on Hibernate to avoid start up issues in Web/Application Server.

  • Renumbered to allow the Hibernate JAR to be released independently of the NuoDB database.

  • Last update for this version 20.0.2-hib5.