Starting a Transaction Engine (TE)

Having created an archive, a database, and started a Storage Manager (SM), you may start a TE using the nuocmd start process command.

nuocmd start process --db-name <database name> --engine-type TE --server-id <server ID>
The nuocmd start process command can be used to explicitly start a TE. You can also start one or more TEs implicitly using the nuocmd start database command with the --te-server-ids argument. For more information, see Restarting a Database.


The following example shows how to start a TE on the same server as the SM.

nuocmd start process --db-name hockey --engine-type TE --server-id nuoadmin-0
Process(db_name=hockey, durable_state=REQUESTED, engine_state=UNKNOWN, engine_type=TE, labels={}, options={log-over-conn: enable, verbose: error,warn, database: hockey, region-name: Default, engine-type: TE, geo-region: 0, commit: safe}, region_name=Default, server_id=nuoadmin-0, start_id=2)

The nuocmd start process command invocation above specifies:
- The name of the database where the TE is to be started (hockey).
- The type of process to be started (TE).
- The NuoDB Admin server where the TE is to started (nuoadmin-0).