This section includes fixes which change existing functionality. Fixes which don’t involve changes to functionality are documented in Resolved Issues.

If a change relates to a Zendesk issue, the associated Zendesk reference number is displayed, for example (10118).

Changes in NuoDB 4.3

This section provides an overview of the changes included in NuoDB 4.3 compared to the original NuoDB 4.2 release. A subset of these changes may also be available in maintenance releases for prior versions.

The NuoDB installation package has been renamed from nuodb-ce to nuodb

The NuoDB installation package files available on the customer-only download portal are the Community Edition (CE) packages and no longer contain a built-in Enterprise license. Customers should install the CE package and apply their NuoDB license to unlock Enterprise Edition functionality. For more information on how to display the NuoDB software edition edition, install a license key, and display license contents, see nuocmd show domain, nuocmd set license and nuocmd get effective-license located in the NuoDB Command Reference.

NuoDB Loader duplicate request messages are now logged under the debug logging level

It was possible that NuoDB Loader duplicate request messages could be written excessively to the log file under the warn (warning) logging level. These messages are now logged under the debug logging level to improve log file readability.

TDE cipher creation messages are now logged under the net (network) logging category (11927)

When TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) is enabled and the security logging category is set, many cipher creation messages would unnecessarily get written to the log file. These messages are now written to the net logging category. As part of this change, other normal and default behaviors are no longer written to the log file when the security logging category is set. For more information, see Description of Logging Options.

Improved the reliability of the result response sent to the client for Hot Copy job completion

Previously a timeout value (if requested) was passed to the NuoDB Admin Hot Copy request REST service. This procedure was not resilient to connectivity issues that could occur during that time. The client code has been changed, such that, if a timeout value is specified it will use the returned coordinator start ID and Hot Copy ID to wait for the Hot Copy operation to finish.

Improved the response message when a Hot Copy operation doesn’t finish within the specified timeout period

Previously when a Hot Copy operation didn’t finish in the specified timeout period, an error code of 1 was returned which didn’t clearly state the type of error condition. This change enhances the response message to clarify that the Hot Copy job did not finish within the timeout period.

Generated constraint names are now truncated to enforce the 128 character limit

It was possible that generated constraint names for tables with long names could exceed the 128 character limit.

An error message is now displayed if TIMESTAMP precision is in nanoseconds

If a table is created with a date or time datatype with nanosecond precision, then an error message is displayed. If a database was migrated from a previous version and included a datatype with nanosecond precision, then the value is truncated to the nearest whole microsecond.

The automatic SQL query termination feature is now disabled by default (11987)

The default SQL query termination feature that relieves Transaction Engine (TE) memory pressure automatically when memory resources become critically low has been changed to disabled by default. The feature can be enabled by setting a database option. For more information, see SQL Query Termination.

Automatically shut down a NuoDB Admin Process (AP) when a write to its Raft log fails

Previously if a Raft log was not writable, its AP was left in a permanently unusable state. This change forces the affected AP to shut itself down when a write to its durable Raft log fails. Before restarting the AP, free at least 2G of disk space on the storage volume where $NUODB_VARDIR is stored. Do not remove or change data from inside $NUODB_VARDIR itself, as that could result in data loss.

The node-port database option is now validated at runtime for correct syntax

If node-port contained invalid characters after the first port value specified, those characters were ignored, an error message was not displayed, and database processes would start. In this release, the node-port format is verified for correct syntax and if it is incorrect then database processes will not start and an error message is provided. This also applies to the portRange property that is defined in nuoadmin.conf.
For more information about the node-port database option, see Database Options.
For more information about the portRange property, see Host Properties (nuoadmin.conf).

The NuoDB Container base image OS (CentOS 8) has been replaced with Red Hat UBI

In preparation for the December 2021 EOL of CentOS 8, the NuoDB container base image OS has been replaced with Red Hat UBI (Universal Base Image). UBI is a free-of-charge, redistributable and developer-ready image for creating containerized, cloud-native enterprise applications. For more information, see Introducing the Red Hat Universal Base Image.

Removed the StartLimitInternalSec and StartLimitBurst parameters from the systemd service file

Removing these parameters results in more consistent and successful NuoDB Admin start behavior, especially if NuoDB Admin is shut down and restarted frequently in short periods of time. NuoDB Admin start up now relies on the default values set by DefaultStartLimitIntervalSec and DefaultStartLimitBurst.