This section includes fixes which change existing functionality. Fixes which don’t involve changes to functionality are documented in Resolved Issues.

If a change relates to a Zendesk issue, the associated Zendesk reference number is displayed, for example (10118).

Changes in NuoDB 6.0.2

Discontinued the default Community Edition License that provided limited capability free of charge

The installation of a Limited Use License or an Enterprise License is now required to create and operate a NuoDB database. For more information, see NuoDB Product Licenses, Obtain and Install a Product License, and Install NuoDB License on Kubernetes.

Removed support for triggers on system tables

Triggers on system tables cannot be created using CREATE TRIGGER. Instead, database triggers must be used to create triggers for sequences, procedures, functions, views, users, tables, indexes, and schemas. For more information, see DROP TRIGGER, CREATE TRIGGER, and TRIGGERS System Table Description.

REPLACE is now a reserved SQL keyword

To access an existing database object named REPLACE, use "REPLACE". For more information, see Reserved SQL Keywords.

Added the NuoDB Dump utility to the NuoDB Windows version

For more information, see NuoDB Dump.

Changes in Previous NuoDB 5.1.x Releases

Changed the logging level for the error messages during the migration to Log-Structured Archive (LSA) (13966)

Previous versions logged "cannot find valid postfix fingerprint" into the Admin Process (AP) log when a Storage Manager (SM) was started on a file archive. These messages were informational only and are no longer logged by default.