This section includes fixes that change existing functionality. Fixes that don’t involve changes to functionality are documented in Resolved Issues.

If a change relates to a Zendesk issue, the associated Zendesk reference number is displayed, for example (10118).

Changes in NuoDB 5.1

Changes in Previous NuoDB 5.0 Maintenance Releases

Improved the detection and response to inconsistencies in table format (13572)

During an insert or update operation on a table, if the structure or format of the data being inserted or updated does not match the structure and format of the table in the database, the operation is rejected with an error "operation failed due to an invalid table format, to repair run: ALTER TABLE <table_name> REBUILD FORMAT".
For more information, see ALTER TABLE.

Suppressed the logging of duplicate error messages when executing nuocmd check with the --timeout option

When an error occurs during the execution of nuocmd check with the --timeout option, the error is reported only once and not reported for every iteration.

Updated the NuoDB base OS image and crypto policy for containerized deployments

The NuoDB base OS image is updated to Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) 8.7 and the crypto policy is changed from LEGACY to DEFAULT to improve security and compatibility with the latest versions of software components.

User-defined parameters are not allowed in a CREATE VIEW statement

A CREATE VIEW statement that includes a user-defined parameter will return, "Error 42000: Use of parameters is not allowed in CREATE VIEW statements."
For more information, see CREATE VIEW.

For RHEL 8 and later, NuoDB will now start database processes if the Transparent HugePage (THP) feature is set to [always] and will attempt to opt-out of THP automatically

NuoDB attempts to disable THP for NuoDB database processes if the host forced THP to be always on at the OS level. If an Out-of-Memory (OOM) condition occurs, then disable THP at the OS level to resolve the issue.