NuoDB Migrator Properties File

The NuoDB Migrator tool maintains its own configuration file, named and log4j properties file, named

Migrator Installation Type Location of configuration files

NuoDB Client Package Installation

<NuoDB Client package home dir>/conf

GitHub Source Build


The property that sets JDBC connection trace file logging is turned off by default. This option controls logging the DDL SQL statements that execute during the NuoDB Migration tool LOAD command processing. This option is turned off for performance reasons and will have a negative impact on the performance of the LOAD command when turned on. To log these DDL SQL statements, the following line in the properties file should be commented (by adding a # character at the start of the log4j.logger line indicated below):

# comment the line below to output SQL queries to the log

This will log all DDL SQL statements generated to a file named nuodb-migrator.log. An environment variable, NUODB_MIGRATOR_LOGDIR, should be set to define the location of this file. If the environment variable is not set, the file location will default to the system’s temporary directory.