Installing NuoDB

NuoDB Release Versioning

NuoDB’s release numbering scheme is major.minor.maintenance-patch.

Major.minor releases provide new features and potentially remove deprecated features. These releases will involve a database protocol change, see Upgrade the Database Protocol.

Maintenance releases contain fixes that don’t change user-visible behavior and don’t require a database protocol change. If the maintenance release number is 0 it may be elided from the release string.

Patch releases provide targeted changes, typically for a serious issue in production. For all releases the patch value will be at least 1 (it will never be 0).

For example, NuoDB 4.0.7-1 is the 7th maintenance release for the NuoDB 4.0 feature release. If a new patch is created for that release, it would be NuoDB 4.0.7-2.

Each release is a superset of preceding releases. For example, NuoDB 4.0.7-1 contains all the features and fixes available in preceding 4.0.x releases.

You may upgrade directly from one supported release to any other, newer, supported release, including maintenance and patch releases. For example, there is no need to upgrade to NuoDB 4.1.0-1 before upgrading to NuoDB 4.1.2-1.

Be sure to consult the Release Notes for the release you will be upgrading to.

Installation and Upgrade

You must install NuoDB on each host in your NuoDB domain. Before installation, see System Requirements. After installation, set properties for each host.

If you are upgrading from a previous NuoDB release, see Upgrade to a New Release before you install the newer NuoDB release.

NuoDB may be installed using the following instructions:

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