NuoDB Node.js Driver

The NuoDB Node.js driver allows a Node.js application to connect to and use a NuoDB database. It supports basic features of the NuoDB database and NuoDB C++ client.

This section describes how to set up, configure, and use the NuoDB Node.js driver to connect the Node.js application to a NuoDB database.


  • Node 16.x where, x ≥ 13

  • NuoDB 5.1 and later


  1. Install NuoDB.

    If you have NuoDB installed locally, skip to step 4.

  2. Download the NuoDB client package from

  3. Extract the client package.

    cd <location of the tar file>
    tar -xzf nuodb-client-<version>.lin-x64.tar.gz
  4. Set the NUODB_CLIENT_PACKAGE environment variable.

    export NUODB_CLIENT_PACKAGE=/path/to/nuodb-client-<version>.lin-x64
  5. Install the NuoDB Node.js driver.

    npm i nuodb

    To verify the NuoDB Node.js driver is working as intended, run:

    npm test
    NuoDB database has "dba" user and "dba" as password.
  6. Import the driver into your Node.js project.

    import { Driver } from "nuodb";