Installing NuoDB on Linux

Customers can download NuoDB using their login credentials from the password protected NuoDB Support Portal. If you are a customer and do not have your NuoDB download login credentials, please contact NuoDB Support at

To enable Enterprise Edition functionality (which supports an unlimited number of hosts, TE, and SM database processes), you must apply a NuoDB Enterprise License file. For more information, see Obtaining and Installing an Enterprise Edition License, or contact NuoDB Support at

You must have Java JDK or JRE installed. For information on supported Java versions, see System Requirements.

The NuoDB database is installed on Linux using the NuoDB-provided RPM package or TAR file.

Only one NuoDB RPM package can be installed on a host machine at a time. Multiple TAR files can be installed simultaneously.
Be sure to read Disabling Transparent Huge Pages before running NuoDB. THP prevents NuoDB memory management from working efficiently; it must be disabled on hosts that will run database processes. If THP is not disabled, NuoDB SMs and TEs will refuse to start.