Release Notes

NuoDB 6.0.2

The release notes provide the following information:

  • New Features describes new features and enhancements.

  • Changes provides details about changes to previously released features.

  • Resolved Issues is a list of fixed bugs.

  • Preview Features lists preview features that are not yet fully supported in production.

  • Known Issues is a list of known problems you may have to work around.

  • Deprecated Features lists features that are deprecated and earmarked to be removed in a future release.

  • End Of Life Features lists features that have been removed and can no longer be found in the current release.

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Tips for Finding Information

  • To search the documentation set, enter the subject of interest in the search field at the top-left.

  • To find information about a feature that has a common name, qualify it. For example, search for between statement, from clause, or logical operator rather than between, from, or and.

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