Creating the Domain and Adding Hosts

A NuoDB domain is created when the first NuoDB host is provisioned. The domain can be scaled out by provisioning or adding additional hosts, and scaled in by removing hosts.

For each host that will be added to the domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Install NuoDB software without automatically starting NuoDB services.

  2. Edit properties in the nuoadmin.conf file which enable the host to securely peer into the domain.
    Provisioning and deprovisioning hosts is done by peering an Admin Process (AP) into the domain. NuoDB updates the durable domain configuration to reflect the newly added peer.
    For information on setting the properties in nuoadmin.conf, see Configuring NuoDB Admin. For more information about peering, see Admin Process (AP) and Extending the Database Across Multiple Hosts (Scaling Out).

  3. Start the AP, which either creates the initial domain or peers into an existing domain by means of another already running AP.
    For details, see Starting and Stopping NuoDB Admin.