Using NuoDB SQL Command Line

The NuoDB SQL command line tool, nuosql, provides an environment for interact with one NuoDB database at a time.

It enables you to do the following:

  • Execute SQL statements interactively.

  • Run batch scripts.

  • Access database metadata information.

  • Perform DBA functions.

To start a nuosql session, provide the name of the database and the domain host on which a broker is running. If the database is running on the local machine, some platforms allow you to just specify the database name. You must also specify a username with which to connect nuosql to the NuoDB database. This can be the DBA user or any other SQL user created in the database. If, for security reasons, a password is not specified as a command line argument or environmental variable, the user will be prompted to input the password via stdin.

Use the EXIT or QUIT command to terminate the current nuosql session.