About the NuoDB SQL Configuration File

The .nuosql.config configuration file lets you specify commonly used nuosql command line options. You then point nuosql to the configuration file. For example, suppose you commonly access a database called test with the options --user cloud --password user --schema myschema. Instead of always specifying these options on the command line you could create a $HOME/.nuosql.config file with the contents:

user cloud
password user
schema myschema

You could then invoke nuosql as follows:

$ nuosql test

You can store the configuration file in a non-default location. For example, if you store it in /tmp/my.nuodb.config, then you would invoke nuosql as follows:

$ nuosql test --config /tmp/my.nuodb.config

To set a lock-wait-timeout when opening a connection with nuosql, invoke nuosql as follows:

nuosql <db_name> --connection-property lock-wait-timeout=<sec>