About the Results of a Successful Hot Copy

When you invoke hotcopy to obtain a copy of a database’s current state, the copy contains the archive and the journal of that database. You can use this copy to start a Storage Manager (SM) that contains the state of the SM as it was at approximately the time when the hot copy finished running. The database stored in this archive-plus-journal is transactionally consistent. You can use it to open a database or you can use it with NuoDB Archive.

After execution of a hot copy operation, NuoDB does not have a record of the hot copy destination directory. It is up to you to track and manage database copies.

You may want to design site-specific guidelines for naming conventions of hot copy destination directories. You may also want to post-process hot copy destination directories to conform to a backup policy by, for example, compressing them with an external tool and moving them to a remote location.