About Static Logging

Configure static logging by specifying database options when creating or editing/updating your database. To change this type of logging, you must shut down the database and restart it.

You can choose to log to syslog, to a remote syslog to centralize logging, or the default is to log to stdout, which is captured in the agent log. See Agent Log Description for information about where the agent log is stored on your platform.

Turn logging on by setting any of the following database options. You must specify at least one of the log options listed in Database Options. There are log options for specifying the level and category of logging.

Database Option to Turn Logging On Logs To

verbose log-options

Agent log file.

syslog log-options

System log file.

remote-syslog log-options

System log file on the host specified by the remote-syslog-server database option. Specify the remote-syslog-server option to send logging information to the syslog on the remote host. The remote-syslog-server option has the following format:

remote-syslog-server hostname

Use nuocmd update database-options to change logging settings for database processes. For example, the following command causes subsequently started database processes to receive the verbose=msgs,debug option:

nuocmd update database-options --db-name test --default-options verbose msgs,debug

This configuration change does not affect running database process. In order for the change to take effect, database processes would have to be restarted.