Preparing to Upgrade

NuoDB Upgrade Compatibility Requirements

Upgrading to NuoDB 4.2 or newer

If your domain is currently using the NuoDB Agent (nuoagent) administration tier, you must first complete your migrations to the NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) domain administration tier before upgrading to NuoDB 4.2.

Upgrading to NuoDB 4.2.2 or newer

If your databases are running NuoDB 4.1.2 or older, then rolling upgrade to 4.2.2 or newer requires a two-step process.

  1. First, rolling upgrade to 4.1.3.

  2. Then, rolling upgrade to 4.2.2 or newer.

If upgrading with databases down, you may upgrade directly to NuoDB 4.2.2 or newer from any version.

NuoDB SQL Execution Engine Upgrade Consideration

The default and recommended SQL engine is the Vectorized Execution Engine (VEE). The legacy Scalar Execution Engine (SEE) has been deprecated, but is still available and supported. If you would like to upgrade and use VEE, then simply follow the normal upgrade instructions.

If you are upgrading a production environment and your NuoDB database applications have not yet been tested or validated using VEE, then NuoDB recommends that you first upgrade to 4.2 using the Scalar Execution Engine (SEE). Once you have confirmed your applications work correctly on VEE in a test environment, you can update your database to use VEE at your convenience. The Scalar Execution Engine (SEE) will be removed from the product in future release.

If you plan to upgrade to this release and continue using SEE, please see the Using the Scalar Execution Engine page for information on how to enable SEE before starting your upgrade procedures.

Pre-Upgrade Best Practices

Before you upgrade to a newer NuoDB release, best practices include the following steps:

  1. Stop a Storage Manager (SM) and run nuoarchive check on the archive of every storage group served by that SM. For more information on using nuoarchive check, see NuoDB Archive.

  2. Back up your databases. For information on backing up NuoDB databases, see Backing Up and Restoring Databases.

  3. Determine whether you will want to change any NuoDB configuration files to take advantage of new features or changes to features. See and Changes. On each upgraded host, you will want to make any necessary updates to configuration files before you restart the NuoDB Admin process on that host. Installation of the new NuoDB release will not overwrite any existing configuration files:

    • $NUODB_CFGDIR/nuoadmin.conf

    • $NUODB_CFGDIR/jvm-options

    • $NUODB_HOME/etc/nuodb.config

Sample files nuoadmin.conf.sample, jvm-options.sample, and nuodb.config.sample, are provided in $NUODB_HOME/etc. For information on the value of NUODB_HOME and other variables, see Environment Variables.