Table Partition Rules

A table partition name is associated with a partitioning criterion. Data that satisfies the criterion is stored in the storage group associated with the table partition name.

The following rules govern table partitions:

  • Supported partitioning types include range partitioning and list partitioning.

  • SQL DDL commands CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE will provide the ability to manage table partitions and associate them with storage groups.

  • A table partition is local to the table, that is, it has rows from one table only.

  • A table partition is associated with exactly one storage group.

  • A version of a row in a partitioned table is mapped to exactly one table partition.

  • A table can only have one partition policy defined.

  • In addition to associating a table with multiple storage groups, a table can be created and assigned to just one storage group.

  • The limit on the number of partitions in a table is 2^31.