Deleting a Storage Group from a Database

A user-defined storage group that has gone permanently offline must be deleted. Deleting a storage group informs the database that it no longer needs to wait for the storage group to come back online and allows the database to resolve all stranded transactions that have been waiting for the storage group to come online.

To delete a permanently offline storage group from an archive, use the delete storage-group command. This command takes the following arguments:

  • The name of the database.

  • The name of the storage group.

The state of storage groups can be checked using the show storage-groups command. An offline storage group will be in the Unavailable state.

The following example shows a database with one user-defined storage group, SG1, offline.

nuocmd show storage-groups --db-name db
Storage groups for database: db
  [   1] [name = ALL] [state = Unavailable]
    No Leader Candidates available
  [  10] [name = SG1] [state = Unavailable]
    No Leader Candidates available
  [   2] [name = UNPARTITIONED] [state = Available]
    Leader Candidates:
      [SM] localhost:48006 [start_id = 0] [pid = 39327] [node_id = 1] MONITORED:RUNNING

A storage group can only be deleted from the database if it was previously removed from all archives or if the archives serving the storage group were themselves deleted. See Removing a Storage Group from an Archive for more information.