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The following tutorial will walk you through setting up a sample database using the Quickstart Tutorial which ships with every version of NuoDB.

The QuickStart demo can be executed through the QuickStart Wizard or via a command script.

Running the QS Wizard

To run the QuickStart wizard (Mac/Windows):

The system tray is not available for Linux installations. To run the QuickStart on Linux install, see Command-Line instructions in the next section.


  1. From the NuoDB System Tray select NuoDB Console.
    The NuoDB Console opens in a browser tab.


  2. On the Console > Home tab, click Start QuickStart.
  3. Leave the Domain Settings and Database Settings unchanged, and click Create Database to start a storage manager (SM), start a transaction engine (TM), create a schema, and import sample data into the database.
    The QuickStart database is created.

  4. Once the database is created, click the Admin or Explorer link to login to the domain containing the database.

    The Domain Login dialog appears.
  5. Accept the default Domain name and password credentials (domain, bird) and click Log in.

    The Explorer link opens to the Console Explorer tab, showing the test database in the Data Hierarchy tree.

     Click here to expand...

    The Admin link opens to the Console Admin tab showing Domain Overview of the domain you are logged into.

     Click here to expand...

Running the QS Command Line

The quickstart can also be executed form the command line. Running from the command line accomplishes the same steps as the visual quickstart and provides you with a SQL prompt for further exploring.

QuickStart Tasks

On all platforms, running the Quickstart accomplishes the following:

  • Configures your system path
  • Creates a domain (which is named domain) using the settings in the file.
  • The initial administrator (with a user name of domain) has an initial password (bird), and a second domain administrator user is quickstart with a password of quickstart.
  • Starts a NuoDB Database, named test, with its storage repository in
    • WINDOWS: C:\ProgramData\nuodb\demo-archives\test
    • LINUX/MAC: /var/opt/nuodb/demo-archives/test
  • Creates sample schema (hockey).
  • Creates a sample database (test).
  • Imports data to the sample database from:
    • WINDOWS: %\nuodb\samples\quickstart\bruins.csv
    • LINUX/MAC: $/nuodb/samples/quickstart/bruins.csv
  • Starts the NuoDB SQL client (nuosql), with user name and password of dba and goalie, respectively.
  • Starts the NuoDB Console as a process. By default it starts on http://localhost:8080.


After the script finishes:

  • Take a look at the remaining tasks in the Quick Start documentation to discover how you can experiment with the NuoDB SQL client, NuoDB Manager and NuoDB Console.
  • To understand the role of various NuoDB system components, look at the Overview topic.
  • Other topics explain how to start a pilot project of your own, how to set up and administer a system on the cloud, and connect a client to NuoDB.



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