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NuoDB Drivers on GitHub

See for information about language-specific drivers supported by means of GitHub.

The drivers (with links) include the following:


Name of DriverDescriptionURL
Node.jsNode.js node-db compatible native driver for NuoDB

NuoDB database bindings for Node.js


PHP PDO driver for NuoDB

Includes support for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows

NuoDB PHP PDO Driver

SilverStripeNuoDB for SilverStripe (BETA)SilverStripe Adapter for the PHP PDO NuoDB Module
PHP Zend Framework

NuoDB Zend Framework Data Adapter.

This adapter is developed and tested with the Zend Framework Versions 1.11.12 & 2.2.0.

Zend Framework Data Adapter for NuoDB
RubyRuby native driver, Ruby active record adapter

Write Ruby Extensions in C/C++, Use ActiveRecord Driver, Use Native Driver, Use Ruby Rails

The NuoDB Ruby Driver requires Ruby 1.9.3.

NuoDB Ruby Native Database Driver

Ruby ActiveRecord NuoDB Adapter

NuoDB Forum: Use NuoDB Ruby driver

JRubyJRuby native driver, JRuby active record adapter

JRuby NuoDB Database Driver 

JRuby ActiveRecord NuoDB Adapter

DrupalNuoDB Drupal Database Driver (BETA)NuoDB Driver for Drupal
GoNuoDB Go Driver (BETA)NuoDB Go Driver (Beta)

NuoDB DBD Module for Perl DBI. (BETA)

NuoDB for Perl (Beta)
PythonNuoDB Python DriverNuoDB Driver for Python
SQLAlchemySQLAlchemy pip package for NuoDBNuoDB for SQLAlchemy


Tools and Programming Samples on GitHub

In addition to drivers on Github, NuoDB supports the following command line interfaces and programming examples on Github.

Command line interface for migration to NuoDB database

JNDI resource to use with the HockeyServlet class definition

Files on Github for the sample


NuoDB Community Forum

NuoDB provides a community forum, where you can read and submit comments, questions, and answers related to all things NuoDB.

For example, technical information about developing applications is at the following URL:



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