Viewing Hosts and Databases in Automation Console

Distributed databases and hosts intersect based on what region a host is in and what tags have been set. In the Automation Console, click Hosts on the left to display a list of the hosts in the domain. For example:

Click a host to view details about that host. The host details pages provides tabs for viewing host summary information, assigned host tags, alarm definitions and a history of alarms that have fired on this host. See Using Host Tags and Defining Alarms.

To view information about a particular database, click Databases on the left to display a list of all databases in the domain. You can immediately see if a database is active and whether its process requirements are met. For example, a database that does not fulfill its scale-out requirements is shown as UNMET:

Click a database to view a page that provides details about that database.

On the database details page, you can select the Active Slow Queries tab to view currently executing queries that are not completing with a time duration that you specify. For example:

Unlike most widgets in the Automation Console, for performance reasons, the Active Slow Queries tab does not automatically refresh. To refresh this tab, click the Refresh button next to the Actions menu. For more information about the Active Slow Queries tab, see Improving Query Performance