Validating Database Archives

Typically, each Storage Manager (SM) independently performs garbage collection on its archive to purge unneeded artifacts. As a result, it is normal for archive sizes to vary between SMs. The amount of variance depends on the type of workload. Workloads that frequently create and drop tables and indexes can result in large temporary variances between the sizes of SM archives.

In rare scenarios when the SM is restarted, the normal garbage collection process cannot purge all unneeded artifacts in the archive. As a result, if one or more SM archives remain significantly larger than the others, it may be necessary to manually purge artifacts from the archive in order to reclaim disk space in the archive.

NuoDB Archive is a command line utility that can be used to validate all atomThe internal object structure representing all data and metadata in a NuoDB database. Atoms are self-coordinating objects that represent specific types of information (such as data, indexes, or schemas). Atoms are stored in memory on both TEs and SMs or serialized over the network and stored to disk by SMs. See also Storage Manager (SM).s in a NuoDB archive and to identify and purge artifacts of the database that are no longer needed. For information on how to use the NuoDB Archive utility, see NuoDB Archive.