Using the Wizard to Install NuoDB on Windows

To use the wizard to install NuoDB, double-click the .exe file that you downloaded and respond to the prompts. As shown in the image below, you might see a User Account Control dialog, which indicates that the installer is about to make changes to the computer. The installer is signed as NuoDB, Inc. Click Yes.

During installation, the wizard prompts you to indicate whether you want to start NuoDB services, as well as the system tray monitor, after installation is complete and upon reboot. The appearance of this dialog differs depending on whether you are installing the NuoDB Community Edition or theNuoDB Professional or Enterprise Edition.

If you are installing the Community Edition, you will likely always want to select this option, as shown in the following image:

After installation is complete, the installer launches the NuoDB Home in your default browser. Also, in the $NUODB_HOME\etc\ file, the domainPassword property is set to the password you entered.

If you have installed the Community Edition, you will see the following welcome screen:

If you choose not to start services automatically then you need to add this host to a domain and then manually start NuoDB services. See Creating the Domain and Adding Hosts as well as Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services.

NuoDB Home on your Windows system.

Once NuoDB Home has been loaded onto your system, you can access it via the Windows Tray Monitor. Look out for the little green NuoDB symbol as shown here, which means that NuoDB has started.

The following little red bird symbol in the Windows Tray Monitor means that NuoDB has stopped.