Using the NuoDB Java JDBC Driver

JDBC is a Java API that defines API calls to SQL compliant databases. The NuoDB driver is a JDBC type 4 driver, also known as a Direct to Database Pure Java Driver, one that converts JDBC calls directly into a vendor-specific database protocol. This documentation is not meant to be a full Reference or Programming manual for JDBC. It is just meant to help you get started with JDBC and NuoDB.


Java version 1.7 or 1.8. The JDBC driver is based on JDBC 4.0.


By default, the NuoDB JDBC driver is installed in the directory listed below. No configuration is necessary.


In addition, the JDBC jar is published via Sonatype to Maven Central so that you can declare a dependency in your Ivy or Maven build files. For specific up to date details on this, search for "NuoDB" at: The dependency in your POM file for JDBC is:


The version number is subject to change.

If you elect to use the JAR located in the distribution instead of that in Maven Central, the mvn command to install the NuoDB JDBC driver is:

mvn install:install-file        \
    -DgroupId=com.nuodb.jdbc    \
    -DartifactId=nuodb-jdbc     \
    -Dversion=2.4               \
    -Dpackaging=jar             \

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