Using the NuoDB C++ Driver

The NuoDB C++ API is mostly modeled after the Java JDBC API. The API is documented at C++ Driver API Reference. There are no special requirements.

Note: In NuoDB releases prior to 2.3, the NuoDB C++ driver supported Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and 2010. In NuoDB Release 2.3, the NuoDB C++ driver no longer supports Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 was deprecated in NuoDB 2.3 and is now removed in NuoDB 2.4. The NuoDB C++ driver supports Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 only.

Microsoft Windows users that require a compiler version that is not supported by the current NuoDB C++ driver must use one of the following:


The C++ API library (NuoRemote) is installed by default with the product and there are no additional installation steps required.

Platform NuoDB C++ Library
Linux NUODB_HOME/lib64/
Windows NUODB_HOME\bin\NuoRemote.dll

Include files can be found in NUODB_HOME/include.

See the following topics: