Using NuoDB Insights

When you launch NuoDB Insights, the System Overview dashboard displays a graphical overview of processes being monitored.

From this dashboard you can:

Using the Time Range Selector

To specify a range of time for review, first open the Time Range Selector. To open the Time Range Selector, click the timestamp in the top-right of the NuoDB Insights UI (beside the <Zoom Out> controls). When the Time Range Selector opens, you may use the Time range or the Quick ranges selection areas to specify the time range to review.

Note: NuoDB Insights does not display the correct data if you use zoom functionality to select time ranges less than 30 seconds. NuoDB Insights requires two data points to provide accurate graphical presentation of resource metrics over a selected time period. The minimum time range between these two points is one minute.

Specifying Time Ranges

In the Time Range area, use the From: and To: fields to set the limits of the time range required, then click Apply.

Selecting Quick Ranges

In the Quick Ranges area, select a pre-defined time range, for example Last 3 hours.

Investigating Specific Timeframes

On any display panel, click and drag across a timeframe which represents a time you want to analyze further. When you release the mouse button, all other display panels update, showing performance metrics for the timeframe selected.